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Huntsville.org: Space Geek

Huntsville may not have launches like Florida, and our name isn’t famous for astronauts having a problem like Houston, but make no mistake – the Rocket City IS space. If you see a picture of astronauts launching from Florida, they’re probably riding a Huntsville rocket. If you see a picture of crewmembers working on the International Space Station, they’re very likely in a Huntsville-managed module. And if you see a pretty picture of distant galaxies or nebulas, Huntsville was probably involved in the telescope that took that picture. From supporting the New Horizons mission to Pluto to designing the rocket for human missions to Mars, Huntsville plays an important role.

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Mud & Magnolias: Jeff Weddle

While a book by any other name may be just as readable, it doesn't smell as sweet.

Jeff Weddle's career, as a librarian, college professor, and author -- with a newly published collection of short stories -- may be diverse, but it all centers around one thing, a love of "the book."

"Books have always been a love of mine my whole life," he said. "They've always been the common denominator in what I do."

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Mars Interviews: David Hitt & Kathryn Crowe

David Hitt is a communications strategist for NASA’s Space Launch System, helping to share the story of America’s next-generation heavy-lift rocket for human and scientific exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. Hitt began working at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in 2002 as a writer for the NASAexplores education website.

Kathryn Crowe is a Systems Engineer on the SLS launch vehicle. She is currently working on such items as evolvability trade studies, near earth mission timelines, and operational requirements for EM2 and beyond. Prior to coming to work at NASA, she spent 4 years in the USAF at the Defense Language Institute, and then proceeded to get her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

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