Engineering Catastrophes: NASA Under Pressure

When catastrophe strikes Skylab, life on earth is threatened by a space station cratering toward earth, and NASA experts use cutting-edge technology to reveal what went wrong and if disaster can be averted.

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NASA's Secret Treasure

Amidst all the Apollo books, one book stood alone: “Homesteading Space”, written by David Hitt, Joe Kerwin and Owen Garriott. Wanting a respite from reading about nothing but Apollo, I opted to purchase it.
And so began my love affair with Skylab.

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Our Valley Events: 10 Valley Authors to Read in 2019

David Hitt is the co-author of two books on spaceflight history: "Homesteading Space," with astronauts Owen Garriott and Joe Kerwin, and "Bold They Rise," with Heather R. Smith. A native of Huntsville, he currently supports NASA's Space Launch System as a member of the strategic communications team.

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