U.S. Space & Rocket Center: The Importance of Skylab

Author of "Bold They Rise" and "Homesteading Space", David Hitt, visited the U.S. Space & Rocket Center on the anniversary of the Skylab 2 launch and talked about what was learned during the historic mission and how we can prepare to travel to Mars using that knowledge.

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iHeartHsv.com: How To: Explore 230 Years of Huntsville History in One Visit

Have you ever wished that you could travel through more than two centuries, visiting Huntsville, Alabama, at various points in its past and future, only to realize that time machines haven’t been invented yet? Sure, we all have! But I bring good news, resident of (insert year in which you are reading this here)! Here is your guide for traveling through time in Huntsville without needing anything more exotic than your own car (bonus points if it’s a DeLorean).

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WHNT: Revisit favorite Huntsville memories with Huntsville Revisited

There is a lot to learn about Huntsville, if you're so inclined. From the city's early days as a cotton trading center to the NASA boom years.

This afternoon you'll have a chance to revisit some of those memories.

We spoke with David Hitt, President of the HMC Historical Society and William Hampton, Founder of Huntsville Revisited, about what to expect.

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