iHeartHsv: Everyone Can Go Back to School in Huntsville

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s back-to-school time! If your school years are a few years behind you, good news! A trip to the Rocket City will let you recapture the excitement of a first day of school. Here are just a few of the subjects you can “study” during a visit to Huntsville. All of this without the uncomfortable desks and with much better food!

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Mississippi Marvel: Jesse Holland

"David Hitt (BA 96), who also is a published author, worked for Holland when he was editor of The Daily Mississippian. Hitt remembers him as a natural leader in the newsroom and credits him for taking tough editorial stands on controversial issues, while navigating those situations with a deft and capable hand."

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iHeartHsv: Celebrating Alabama’s Big Birthday – The Bicentennial

There are birthdays, and then there are big birthdays, the kind you plan ahead for – like the ones that have zeroes at the end. And then there are really big birthdays, like the ones that have two zeroes on the end.

Alabama’s gearing up for a really big birthday next year – the Big Two Zero Zero. The celebration’s already started and you’re invited to join us in partying like it’s 1819.

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