Dare to Explore: David Hitt

“David Hitt is a contractor Communications Strategist with Marshall Space Flight Center’s Office of Strategic Analysis and Communication. He began his career as a small town newspaper editor before joining NASA’s Space Launch System as Communication Strategist. David is also the author of Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story and Bold They Rise: The Space Shuttle Early Years.”

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Secrets of the Universe: Skylab

“Before the ISS, there was Skylab: NASA’s first mission to build a home beyond our planet. This is the spectacular story of the first astronauts who lived on a space station, and the incredible things their work taught us about what it takes for human beings to live, work, and play in outer space.”

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iHeartHSV: Pick Your Own Strawberries in Huntsville

Nothing beats the first warm, sunny days of spring to thaw out our bones and hearts, and with them comes the first cultivated fruit crop of the season: strawberries.

If you have a passion for the fresh strawberry – or maybe just need a good excuse to get in the sun – Brown Farms in New Market, Alabama is a 15-20 minute drive north of downtown Huntsville. They have 18 acres of strawberry fields ready for a family-friendly outing to Pick Your Own baskets of berries.

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