AIAA LA LV STS-1 40th Anniversary Celebration

Early on the morning of April 12, 1981, two astronauts sat strapped into their seats on the flight deck of Columbia, a radically new spacecraft known as the space shuttle.

Please join the authors of the Outward Odyssey Spaceflight series and AIAA / LA-LV for a delightful and exciting Anniversary Celebration for this historic and ground breaking event!

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STC & HAL5: The Write Stuff

“The Write Stuff: The Authors who Chronicle Humanity’s Outward Odyssey” is a Panel Discussion by Nebraska Press Authors of Space Related Books for the Society for Technical Communication Huntsville/North Alabama Chapter (, the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (, and University of Alabama at Huntsville English with Business and Technical Writing Track (

Over the past few years, I’ve written a three-part series of books about writing called Become a Writer Today. I also published The Power of Creativity, a novella, and several short stories.

Recently, I finished a manuscript of a new book for entrepreneurs (coming soon). These days, I write twice a week for Forbes about productivity, leadership and innovation too this thanks to

I’ve faced a lot of painful mistakes while writing books, and I’ve also learned a little bit about how to write a book.

In this post, I want to explain exactly how to write a book based on what I’ve learned.

I also want to reveal some of my mistakes and some proven book writing tips so you can get started writing a book today.

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iHeartHsv: Best Self-Proclaimed Burgers in Huntsville


iHeartHsv: Best Self-Proclaimed Burgers in Huntsville

What’s it take to say you have the best burger in town?

There’s a couple of approaches – there is, for one, the slow and bureaucratic and sometimes biased democratic method where some third party has a vote or a judging or a contest or something and reaches a conclusion. Which is fine for those who like taste handled by committee.

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iHeartHsv: Handcrafted Desserts in Huntsville’s Local Bakeries


iHeartHsv: Handcrafted Desserts in Huntsville’s Local Bakeries

There’s nothing more central to Southern dining than bread, and that’s an area where Huntsville’s choices are anything but half-baked. It would be impossible to capture all of them here, so we’ll list a few highlights. We would love to hear other local favorites in the comments below!

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Searching for Skylab

Can humanity as a whole benefit from exploring space and what do the most ancient cultures have to say about it? This movie allows you to experience the historical journey guided by those who were there.

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