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Saving Skylab: America’s First Space Station

Saving Skylab: America’s First Space Station is a short documentary telling the story of how an electric lineman’s tool manufacturer in Centralia, Missouri helped save the first American space station from catastrophe.The film is being produced by Hubbell Utility Solutions, Power Systems Division and was released on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

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Searching for Skylab

Can humanity as a whole benefit from exploring space and what do the most ancient cultures have to say about it? This movie allows you to experience the historical journey guided by those who were there.

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WHNT: Revisit favorite Huntsville memories with Huntsville Revisited

There is a lot to learn about Huntsville, if you’re so inclined. From the city’s early days as a cotton trading center to the NASA boom years.

This afternoon you’ll have a chance to revisit some of those memories.

We spoke with David Hitt, President of the HMC Historical Society and William Hampton, Founder of Huntsville Revisited, about what to expect.

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