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Currently, I work in strategic communications for NASA's Space Launch System, the world's first exploration-class rocket since the Saturn V last flew 40 years ago.

When it flies in 2018, SLS will be the world's most powerful launch vehicle, enabling human exploration of deep-space and game-changing space science missions of discovery.

In this interview from January 2016, I talk about NASA's plans for sending humans to Mars:

Among my duties is serving as the lead writer for the SLS blog, "Rocketology":

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Space Launch System

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  • All Roads Lead to the Pad August 2, 2016
    NASA is preparing for the first of many flights of the agency’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. Every day we’re making progress toward their first integrated test flight. Today, that work is taking place at numerous sites around the country, but the work of that nationwide team is firmly focused on one place […]
  • The 83rd Thing Learned from QM-2 July 14, 2016
    They came for an awesome display of pure propulsive power. They got a lesson in the realities of spaceflight. …Followed by an awesome display of pure propulsive power. While engineers in Utah prepared for the second Qualification Motor (QM-2) test of a Space Launch System (SLS) solid rocket booster, another team of NASA engineers from […]
  • Happy (Earth-) Independence Day! July 5, 2016
    On Monday, the United States celebrated the Fourth of July. Fireworks and backyard grills were ignited across the country. A couple hundred miles above us, the International Space Station orbited Earth with two spacecraft attached to it. What do these two things have in common? A quest for independence. The Fourth of July, of course, […]
  • SLS Avionics: The Brain Without a Body July 1, 2016
    By Martin Burkey If you compared NASA’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket to a human body, the avionics and software would be the nervous system and brain that monitor the body’s condition and makes and sends decisions. Just a few of the hundreds of operations that they make include: liquid propellant flow, engine throttling, […]
  • Behind the Scenes at QM-2: Getting Ready to Test the World’s Largest Solid Rocket Motor June 24, 2016
    By Beverly Perry For two monumental minutes on June 28, the Space Launch System (SLS) solid rocket boosters — the largest ever built for flight — will fire up in an amazing display of power as engineers verify their designs in the last full-scale test before SLS’s first flight in late 2018. Each piece of […]
  • Three Cool Facts About QM-2 June 20, 2016
    By Beverly Perry The countdown to the last full-scale test firing of the massive Space Launch System (SLS) solid rocket boosters has begun. Mark your calendars: June 28, 8:05 a.m. MDT. Expect two minutes of shock and awesome as the flight-like motor burns through about six tons of propellant each second during the test. With […]
  • A (much) Closer Look at How We Build SLS June 2, 2016
    By Martin Burkey How do you put the world’s largest rocket under a microscope? One piece at a time, of course. NASA’s Space Launch System – SLS – will be the world’s most powerful, capable rocket. It will send intrepid explorers, their spacecraft, their landers, their habitats, and all their other equipment to survive and […]
  • Small Hitchhikers Ride through the Galaxy May 26, 2016
    By Beverly Perry On the first launch of the Space Launch System (SLS), America’s next-generation heavy-lift rocket, the Orion Stage Adapter (OSA) will carry 13 CubeSats, or boot box-sized science and technology investigations, that will help pave the way for future human exploration in deep space. Engineers and technicians at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center […]
  • The Rocket Comes to the Rocket City May 13, 2016
    By David Hitt Over the next year, the rocket comes to the Rocket City in a big way. Huntsville, Alabama, a.k.a. “Rocket City,” is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where today the Space Launch System (SLS), the powerful rocket NASA will use for human exploration of deep space, is being developed. More than […]
  • Next Generation Wants Its Mars Shot May 6, 2016
    By Beverly Perry We don’t know who will take those first steps on Martian soil, ushering in the age of humans as a multi-planetary species. But we do already know a couple things about those first intrepid explorers: They’re taking steps on Earth right now; and they belong to a generation that is tech-savvy, and […]