Space Boffins: America’s First Space Station

Skylab’s perilous and dramatic mission, life on Venus, the religion of Cosmism and Brexit all get discussed this month. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined by astronomer and writer Dr Stuart Clark to chat about our relationship with the night sky. The Space Boffins also talk to David Hitt, the author of Homesteading Space – the Skylab Story, and Arfan Chaudhry from the UK Space Agency about new UK space programmes…

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Spacefest Virtual: Outward Odyssey

At 19 books and counting, the University of Nebraska Press’ Outward Odyssey series may well be the most comprehensive collection of spaceflight history ever written.

Spanning from the earliest experiments with rocketry to the future of private spaceflight to robotic probes hurling through the dark void of the solar system, the series captures the human experience of space exploration – the “what was it like”.

In this virtual conversation, authors behind those books, with series editor Colin Burgess, share the “what was it like” of Outward Odyssey – how the series came together and the unique experiences that went into chronicling humankind’s greatest adventure.

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Crew Dragon DM-2 and First Flights: A Historical Perspective

As NASA and SpaceX prepare for the first launch of astronauts from U.S. soil since the last flight of the shuttle nine years ago, the AIAA Los Angeles Section hosts authors from the Outward Odyssey series of spaceflight history books for a panel discussion of the preparation, risk and excitement that go into first flights of new vehicles. From the daring test pilots who risk their lives in cutting-edge planes to pave the way to space, to the first launches of new vehicles from Apollo to the Shuttle, to the dawning of the new era of commercial spaceflight, panelists will share stories from history on the eve of a new chapter of history beginning.

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Saving Skylab: America’s First Space Station

Saving Skylab: America’s First Space Station is a short documentary telling the story of how an electric lineman’s tool manufacturer in Centralia, Missouri helped save the first American space station from catastrophe.The film is being produced by Hubbell Utility Solutions, Power Systems Division and was released on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

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iHeartHsv: Best Self-Proclaimed Burgers in Huntsville


iHeartHsv: Best Self-Proclaimed Burgers in Huntsville

What’s it take to say you have the best burger in town?

There’s a couple of approaches – there is, for one, the slow and bureaucratic and sometimes biased democratic method where some third party has a vote or a judging or a contest or something and reaches a conclusion. Which is fine for those who like taste handled by committee.

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